Resources for Seniors in Melbourne, FL

Resources for Seniors in Melbourne, FL | The Residences at Zon Beachside

Resources for Seniors in Melbourne, FL | The Residences at Zon Beachside

Meta description: If you are looking to live out your golden years comfortably and independently check out this list of resources available to seniors in the Melbourne, FL area.

The Brevard County Senior Services Department provides a wide range of programs and services designed to meet the needs of seniors in the area. These include transportation, meals on wheels, home care services, and more.

Additionally, there are a number of senior centers located throughout the county that offer social and recreational activities, as well as educational opportunities. There are also a number of private organizations that provide services and support for seniors in the area. These include Helping Seniors of Brevard, Brevard Alzheimer’s Association and the Senior Resource Alliance. These organizations offer a variety of programs and services designed to meet the needs of seniors in the community.

There are also a number of faith-based organizations that provide support and assistance to seniors in need. These include Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services. These organizations offer food pantries, transportation assistance, financial counseling, and other services.

Additionally, there are a number of government benefits available to seniors in Melbourne, FL. These include Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Seniors in Melbourne, FL have a wide variety of resources available to them. With a little bit of effort, they can find the resources they need to live happy, healthy, and active lives.

Below is a list of many agencies and websites that provide a large number of resources to seniors both locally in Melbourne, FL as well as across the US.


Administration for Community Living 

Aging Matters in Brevard

Alliance for Retired Americans

Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center

American Red Cross

Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Department of Elder Affairs

Division of Elections

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Florida Assisted Living Association

Florida Council on Aging

Florida Department of Health

Florida Emergency Management

Florida Veterans Affairs

Health First Aging Service Clinic

Helping Seniors of Brevard

Holmes Regional Hospital

Mayo Clinic

National Association of Hospice & Palliative Care

National Institute on Aging

Senior Resource Alliance

SHINE (Senior Benefit Assistance)

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Utility Assistance

Veteran Directed Care

The Residences at Zon Beachside

Zon Beachside

The key to successful and happy retirement is being educated about all the available resources.  Melbourne, FL is a primary destination for retirement due to its warm climate and proximity to the beaches and various attractions.  It also offers seniors an abundance of resources not only for maintaining their health but also for entertainment and dining.

In addition to the resources available to seniors, many of these organizations also require a large number of volunteers to provide the vast amount of services.  These volunteer opportunities are a great addition to a seniors daily routine as it provides an outlet for socialization as well as providing a purpose each day.  In the above list if you are interested in volunteering decide on an agency that you have an interest in and possibly some experience based on your career and reach out to them to discuss how you can assist them.

Resources for Seniors in Melbourne, FL in Summary

So many times, as life changes it may feel isolating and that there is nothing out there that can help you.  This article highlights only some of the agencies available to you and if you cannot find what you are looking for then do a website search or you can also call an agency such as Helping Seniors of Brevard at (321) 473-7770 as they will assist seniors with any questions they may have.